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James Tang and Gwen Tang have been practising Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine In TX since 1985.

Our Business

We are  at : 1419 S. Center, Arlington, TX 76010

It is very convenient to get here from N.Arlington or S. Arlington. 

Please call us at anytime :  817-261-8498

Or send E-Mail to us:


Who we are

James K Tang earned his MD in NanJing Medical University in 1966 in NanJing, China. He has been practicing acupuncture in Texas since 1985, and has been at the same Arlington location for 20 years. He combines his knowledge of Western medicine with his knowledge of Eastern medicine. He has successfully helped thousands of patients, especially those who suffer chronic pain issues

Gwen Tang earned her Traditional Chinese Medicine degree in 1984 in ZhenJiang, China. She has been practicing acupuncture in Texas since 1985. Her specialty is women's health. She works closely with a number of local reproductive specialists to provide support for treatments such as In-Vitro-Fertilization.

   James and Gwen Tang have worked together as a husband and wife team for 26 years. 40% of their patients are physician referrals. Most suffer from migraine headaches, sciatica, low-back pain, neck pain, arthritis, neuralgia. Many others have women's issues, such as infertility, menopause, anxiety.

   As health providers, we at China Acupuncture Clinic believe that the key to our success is not only professional expertise, but also caring. Our doctor / patient relationships are built on the strong foundation of honesty, understanding and trust.

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